Policies - Introduction

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum published by DFE (Department for Education) which emphasises the importance of learning through play.

The staff have regular planning meetings, where weekly themes are selected, following children’s interests and daily activities planned within these themes. Children will be given opportunities to learn through playing with various materials such as paint, junk, dough, water and sand.

Constructional play with Lego, stickle bricks and other building toys also provide a great deal of enjoyment and opportunities for learning. Children love to dress up and pretend in their play and this will be encouraged. Books and stories are available at every session.

Your child will be encouraged to interact with other children and adults within the group, which will help to prepare him/her for nursery or school. Activities are planned to the Early Years Foundation Stage. All equipment and resources are chosen to be high quality, age appropriate, safe and non-toxic and linked to the curriculum.

Please welcome the paintings or work your child might bring home, but do not assume that a child who brings nothing home has not been busy. In order to plan and record your child’s learning we keep a Learning Journey which consists of photographs, observations and the EYFS Outcomes tracking document.

Learning Journeys are available at any time and we hope that you and other settings involved in your child’s care will contribute to it. When your child leaves playgroup you will be given your child’s Learning Journey to share with their new setting.

We have the services of a Development Officer from the Early Years Quality Improvement Team to support our planning and help us to meet the requirements of inspection by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). The most recent inspection report is displayed in the lobby or available on OFSTED's website.

Policy Document Downloads

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