The Pre-school is open to every family in the community. A waiting list is operated. Children are not admitted before the age of two years. When allocating places to children this is not done on a purely first come, first served basis but consideration is given to the ages and needs of the children.

Every attempt is made to accommodate families who move into the area despite the fact that they may not have been on the waiting list. An open day is held in May/June each year for those families whose children will be starting during the following school year. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate your child in your chosen sessions, we cannot guarantee this.


We are in receipt of a Nursery Education Grant which funds free places for children, commencing in the term following their third birthday, provided their birthday falls before 31st December or 31st March. We also offer free places for two year olds who meet the funding criteria.

Prior to this bills will be issued each half term and all sessions will be charged for, at a rate of £6.20 per hour (from April 2023) even if the child is absent. If there is to be a long period of absence for any reason you should discuss this with the Treasurer, to ensure that your place is kept open. Fees are reviewed annually in February.

It is not our intention to exclude any child for financial reasons so please speak to a member of staff or Committee if you are experiencing difficulties.